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About Slough in Bloom

A brief resume of Slough in Bloom history.

Add Colour to your Borough!

HISTORY: Started in 1994 the Slough in Bloom competition was originally run by local businesses and volunteers with the aim to make Slough a more colourful and brighter place for residents, businesses and visitors to live and visit.

The following year residential and public sites and schools were added to the competition. In addition, for a few years Suttons Seeds sponsored a Schools’ Challenge Trophy by supplying free seeds to every primary school. Schools were also involved in designing a poster with an annual competition sponsored by ICI Paints. and a category for pupils’ project is still included. All these initiatives were to inspire children, many of whom have no access to gardens, to find out just how exciting growing plants can be.

In 2000 Slough Borough Council offered to manage Slough in Bloom with the existing committee. That year Slough entered Britain in Bloom and received an award for innovation in the regional round.

Allotments were added by combining the Slough Allotment Challenge with Slough in Bloom. in 2001 and continue to be an important part of the competition.

Due to financial constraints, Slough Borough Council handed back the management of the competition in 2005 to an independent committee of professional horticulturalists and enthusiastic amateurs. This is the current format of management which continues to promote the original aims of the competition in line with the national campaign, Britain in Bloom, run by the Royal Horticultural Society.


Slough in Bloom Logo

The logo is a Dianthus Mrs Sinkins Pink. It was raised in the Eton  Union Workhouse (now part of Upton Hospital, Albert Street, Slough) by the Master, Mr. Sinkins. He named it for his wife, the Matron.   It  was advertised commercially first in 1883 by W, Weare of Taplow. The white flower has a strong scent, which made it a favourite in cottage gardens well into the mid 20th century. It is still  available from specialist nurseries. The flower is incorporated into the  borough’s  coat of arms to commemorate Slough’s proud horticultural history.